Facebook EdgeRank – What is It?

Facebook “EdgeRank” Defined

Facebook looks at everything published as “objects.” These can be status updates, links, photos, video or anything else that can be shared on Facebook. Every object receives a ranking (EdgeRank), which determines if it will show in your personal newsfeed. Objects with a high EdgeRank appear in your “Top News” feed. Objects with a low EdgeRank will not.

An object’s EdgeRank is based on three factors: affinity or the relationship between the creator and user, interaction with the object (likes, comments, etc.) and timeliness. Add the three factors together using a formula that only Facebook truly knows and you’ve got an object’s EdgeRank.

Friends and Pages with a high EdgeRank are more likely to show in your “Top News” stream. Users with a low EdgeRank may not even show in your “Most Recent” news feed.

For businesses or others looking to market, promote or just interact through Facebook, the implications of this change are huge. “Top News” is the default setting, so unless a friend or fan changes their default, it’s quite possible that they will never see your updates. No matter how good the content, no matter how well you manage your Facebook page, EdgeRank might be holding you back.

If you’ve ever wondered whether your Facebook page was making the EdgeRank grade, there is finally a application to find out called EdgeRankChecker.com.

EdgeRankChecker.com analyzes how much traffic your Facebook page gets, as well as the likeliness of being visible on a Fan’s news stream. The higher the EdgeRank that your Facebook page scores, the higher the visibility you have. Along with being able to check out how you rank against other businesses, EdgeRankChecker.com also offers some valuable advice on how to improve your visibility.

How useful is EdgeRankChecker.com? It depends. The score that you receive is just an estimate. It could be way off, and the equations that the site used are being constantly tweaked in order to get a better view of how Facebook works. For small businesses which just want a rough estimate of how well their online presence is developing, using EdgeRank is a great tool.

Business owners who are interested to see how they score, or people who are simply curious about how their Facebook page ranks, will love this simple yet informative application.

EdgeRank does have some great perks to its algorithmic studies that should be mentioned, for example, one can easily can find out “the best days to post” using EdgeRank and also there are excellent tips on how to increase internet traffic, and the ability to detect Facebook trends that are specific to your Facebook business site.

How Do I Improve My EdgeRank?

Here are a few simple tips:

  • Post content that inherently attracts interaction and engagement
  • Encourage users to ‘like’ your content
  • Use photos & videos as often as possible

Have you checked your EdgeRank yet?  – let us know what yours is in the comments below or on our Facebook page!


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