Facebook Timeline Sizes and Dimensions Guide

    facebook timeline

    This comprehensive guide will provide you with all the information you need regarding the various sizes and dimensions associated with Facebook’s Timeline.

    Cover Photo for Timeline

    The cover photo (also known as the big image) is an essential aspect of Facebook’s timeline. It’s the first thing that users see when they visit your profile or page.

    Application Icons for Timeline View

    These icons represent the applications you use on Facebook. If your image exceeds the allowed limits, the icon will be resized and converted to fit within the required dimensions.

    Profile Picture for Timeline Pages

    Profile pictures on timeline pages have been updated to a new width and height of 180 px. These pictures will be automatically scaled down according to the following dimensions:

    • 32×32 px for news feed
    • 50×50 px for timeline
    • 60×60 px for timeline (hover)

    It’s essential to choose a picture that can be easily scaled down, as profile pictures displayed on timeline posts are quite small. Using your logo is the best practice.

    Facebook Application Favicon Size

    This tiny icon is displayed on the left-hand side of your news feed, where the applications you use are listed.

    Facebook Page Applications (Formerly Facebook Tabs)

    The usable area of a brand’s Facebook page has the following dimensions:

    • Width: 779px (Note: The CSS of Facebook has some errors, so the final width might change. We suspect it will be 810 px)

    Facebook Milestone Picture Size

    Milestone pictures, such as your company’s foundation date or highlighted posts, should adhere to this specific size. If the image in the post exceeds the limits, it will be scaled down accordingly.


    When you like or share something, a thumbnail image is displayed next to the link.

    Uploaded Images

    This is the maximum size of an image you can upload to Facebook.

    Pinned Post Picture Size

    The size of a pinned post’s picture will not be scaled down. Facebook will take the center of the image and cut it out accordingly.

    Pictures Displayed in Facebook

    When viewing images as part of a slideshow or in an album, this is the maximum size of the image.

    Facebook Ads

    Facebook ads consist of an image and accompanying text.

    Facebook Status Update

    The maximum length for a status update is 63,206 characters.


    This size refers to the maximum size of a video you can upload to Facebook.

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